DA 2102: Adobe Creative Suite for Artists

Fall 2019

2 Credits
T & F 2:10 to 4:00pm

Anna Kroll
Office: E204 (next to POD/E207)

Office hours: Monday 3 to 5, Friday 10 to 12 or by appointment

Course Description:

This course introduces artists to Adobe Creative Suite, focusing on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. We will explore the individual capabilities of each program and how to bridge between them. We will also learn best practices in creating and managing digital files. Students will apply skills learned to their own creative projects and ideas. They will also have the opportunity to work with the laser cutter and large format printers, translating their digital ideas into physical objects.

My goal is to share with you the base knowledge, skills and resources to enable you to pursue projects beyond the time period of this class and beyond these specific assignments.


Students are expected to be present for all class meetings. Each session will introduce new skills and tools. As such, chronic lateness and/or more than 2 absences will seriously jeopardize your standing in this course. Please notify me before you miss a class and check in before the next session.


Active student participation throughout all aspects of this course will make your experience much more meaningful and is necessary for the successful completion of the assigned work. 

As with learning any tool, comfort and proficiency will be developed through repeated practice. We will learn by doing and asking questions of the instructor, our peers and the resources available online. In addition to practicing the tools introduced in class, I encourage you to use these seven weeks to practice troubleshooting and reading documentation, both skills that will serve you as software continue to change and develop.

I’m expecting that you will be respectful of both your peers and my time and efforts with your own: that you will work your hardest, be self-motivated, learn through trial and failure and share what you learn and/or know freely with all. This includes engaging with the projects of your peers in addition to your own.

Check the class website regularly. This will be constantly updated with additional resources and tools as well as the most up to date version of the class schedule.


Assignments will include readings/tutorials, assignments, and a final project.

The readings/tutorials will build upon and reiterate tools presented in class. Assignments will give you the chance to practice utilizing these tools.

The final project will be creating a booklet that you will print and assemble. This booklet will utilize Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to create a cohesive document based on a proposed concept/idea.

All assignments will live on the VAPA server unless otherwise stated.


Students will be evaluated based on the following: Participation/attitude, technical dexterity, and progress over the term.

Office Hours/Help:

I have regular office hours Monday 3 to 5, Friday 10 to 12 or by appointment. If possible, please let me know ahead of time that you will be coming by. I am also available by appointment.

I can be reached via email at all times, but I am very slow to respond to emails sent over the weekend. If you are in need of a prompt response, please email during the week. I reserve 24 hours to respond but typically will reply much sooner.

The POD has set hours with monitors that can help you troubleshoot, especially during evenings and weekends. See for more information.

In addition to the POD, Creative Suite is available in other computer labs on campus. You are free to use these but should make sure to save your files on a flash drive, Google Drive, the server or any other way that will be accessible to you. You are responsible for your file management.   

Statement on Classroom Inclusivity:

Bennington College is committed to fostering the intellectual growth of all students, and to creating a learning environment where human cultural diversity is valued and respected. To that end, in this course, all students can expect a respectful, welcoming and inclusive environment. I hope that all students in this course will openly share their unique perspectives and, just as importantly, respect the perspectives, comments, and contributions made by every other student and guest that participates in this course during the term. If you feel that at any time that this goal is not being met, please don’t hesitate to see me, or speak with a college administrator (e.g., from The Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Student Life, or Academic Services) to share your concern.

Statement on Academic Accommodations and Health Resources:

Bennington College provides reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities when such accommodations are requested and necessary to ensure equal access to College programs and facilities. If you believe you are entitled to an accommodation speak with Katy Evans, the Academic Services and Accommodations Advisor, about any disability-related needs. If approved, you will receive a memo detailing your specific accommodations; it is your responsibility to provide me with the memo and discuss the implementation of accommodations. Note that I will not be aware of your needs if you do not share this memo with me. Accommodations are not retroactive, so the sooner we meet to discuss your needs, the better. Also, students experiencing mental and/or physical health challenges that are significantly impacting their academic work are encouraged to speak with their faculty advisor and member of Academic Services ( or 440-4400) about the impact and to connect with resources through health and psychological services (440-4426 or 440-4451).